Update – Parking During Front Entry Plaza Construction

August 22, 2020


To: Associates

From: Lenbrook Parking Task Force

Date: August 21, 2020

We hope you are seeing the progress as we construct Lenbrook’s Front Motor Court! The Lenox Entrance will be closed until December for the construction of:

  •            the enclosed, temperature-controlled connector between e thexisting community and the new Kingsboro at Lenbrook expansion.
  •            the redesigned motor court.

As a reminder, the purpose of this project is to create a safe and navigable pedestrian connection between the existing community and the new expansion, enhance traffic flow around the campus and to the new Kingsboro Road exit.

As you know, we are all using the Brookhaven Entrance during this time.  This includes residents, associates, deliveries, move ins and move outs, etc.  Thank you for your help to keep this running as smoothly as possible, as it is a congested area. 

For the last month we have asked some managers, contractors and OPPs to park at one of the two offsite parking lots we rented to make this situation minimally disruptive for all.  We have also been running a shuttle service during peak hours for those who have parked at the Brookhaven First Baptist Church.  Thank you to the managers who have volunteered to park offsite to make more spaces available for our associates. 

After auditing the number of cars parked offsite at the Brookhaven First Baptist Church and the number of available spaces in our lot during peak times, we believe we can eliminate the shuttle and the off-site parking at the Brookhaven First Baptist Church. 

Associates: Please continue to follow the process as outlined in July. Please do NOT park at the Brookhaven First Baptist Church as there will be NO shuttle on August 24 or thereafter.

  • Please park in spaces labeled “VACANT” or “ASSOCIATE”.  
  • SECOND (2ND) SHIFT ASSOCIATES, if there are no available spaces marked VACANT, you may be directed to a spot labeled VALET (or RESERVED) on P1 or P2, if available. 
  • During this time and for the safety of the community, we will have to strictly enforce parking rules for all drivers.  Parking illegally is unsafe and will increase congestion.  The plan for violators will start with a ticket, then booting, and lastly removing onsite parking privileges. 
  • To further minimize congestion during exiting, only right hand turns out of the Brookhaven Entrance will be permitted.  
  • Thanks in advance for your support.

We understand that this will be an inconvenience; however, it is a short- term solution to enhance the traffic flow and beautification efforts of our community.  Please expect frequent communication with parking and traffic flow updates during this construction period.