Lenbrook Virtual Town Hall Recap – 07/08/20

Jul 11, 2020

The COVID-19 Dashboard was introduced to give viewers insight as to what metrics the Task Force and Management team are monitoring to understand the risk of COVID-19 to our community. The Dashboard consists of internal and external metrics. It is a comprehensive look at the metrics and potential impact to our community.

Lenbrook Virtual Town Hall – 7/1/20

Jul 2, 2020

Just six weeks ago we were celebrating a potential “flattening of the curve”. Now, at the state and county level, we have hit all-time highs in positive case rates. Wear your mask out of respect and care for others​. Do it out of care and respect for others.

Lenbrook Virtual Town Hall Recap – 6/24/20

Jun 26, 2020

At Lenbrook, we strongly encourage all residents to practice social distancing, even when visiting family or friends in our family visitation area. If you do venture off campus to visit friends or family, we hope you will first ask yourself if it is essential to make that visit.

Lenbrook Virtual Town Hall Recap – 6/17/20

Jun 21, 2020

Lenbrook’s participation rate was 84% of all eligible associates and residents, but only 42% for credentialed Outside Personal Providers (OPP). Overall, we appreciate the active participation among residents and associates.

COVID-19 Update – 6/10/20

Jun 12, 2020

We are continuing to receive the results of the COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) swab testing that occurred on May 26-28th in partnership with the Georgia National Guard. As you may recall, Governor Kemp deployed the National Guard to provide testing to all skilled nursing and assisted living residents and associates statewide.

COVID-19 Update – 6/8/20

Jun 9, 2020

Beginning on June 9th, changes will be made to COVID-19 restrictions for independent living. After evaluating all data points, and after beginning to re-open our internal amenities and services, we are creating a pathway for you to access the external community with less risk for essential off-campus travel, beginning June 9th.

Lenbrook Virtual Town Hall Recap – 6/3/20

Jun 6, 2020

Our priorities to “unwind” in a safe way include Re-define or re-start prioritized opportunities for social connections, resident enrichment – make the inside as desirable as we can!​ Define a safer path for accessing the external community​. Unwinding right now only pertains to Independent Living. Our guidance for the Health Care Center and Assisted Living is regulated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and does not permit change at this time. Please look for a memo to come out on Monday that defines some of the initial steps of the next phase in greater detail.

Lenbrook Virtual Town Hall Update – 5/28/20

May 29, 2020

As of the close of Wednesday, May 27th, the National Guard tested 668 members of our community (406 residents and 262 associates/OPPs). General Simmons indicated that the very best situation is when there is 100% participation. As we finished day two, we tested nearly 67% percent of our 1000 or so member universe. The PCR test results will tell us who currently has the COVID-19 virus (even if asymptomatic) so that we can stop the spread to others in the community. Results will be delivered to Lenbrook within 7-14 days and then Lenbrook will provide the results to residents, associates and OPPs.

Lenbrook Welcomes National Guard Testing

May 26, 2020

In our ongoing pursuit to keep Lenbrook residents and associates safe, we are pleased to let you know that May 26-28 the National Guard will be on-site to conduct testing at Lenbrook; we welcome their knowledge and expertise. Following Governor Kemp’s desire to test every skilled nursing and assisted living resident and associate in the state, all of our Health Care Center and Assisted Living Center residents and associates who work in those areas are mandated to be tested. During the testing period between May 26-28, all independent living residents, Lenbrook associates and Outside Personal Providers (OPPs) that work outside of the Health Care Center and Assisted Living Center are being offered and strongly encouraged to obtain testing.

Lenbrook Virtual Town Hall Recap – 5/20/20

May 22, 2020

As we move through this phase of the pandemic, we want to make the community inside our walls as accessible and enjoyable as we can in a safe and practical way. Doing so takes careful planning as we modify operations and service delivery just as we walked into this. Thank you for your patience as we prioritize what services and amenities re-open and your feedback is helpful in prioritizing HOW we do this. We want every resident to enjoy the gifts of independence, good health and personal fulfillment to the extent possible through our many programs and services.